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Managed Trading Advisory Service

MANAGED TRADING ADVISORY –  Designed exclusively for traders in Gold, Oil, and Cryptocurrencies. Depending upon your capital, receive trading advisories in these asset classes in a way that efficiently risk-manages and risk-diversifies your trading account. Use minimum margins, take just-the-right leverage and generate profits while enjoying the stability of Gold, smart technical moves in Crude Oil, and Momentum in Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin and Ethereum).

All you have to do is to open a trading account with one of our preferred trading and execution partners. They include BD Swiss, Noor Capital, and Equiti Group.

You DO NOT PAY any fixed Advisory Fees.  Fees are only linked with performance. You pay an advisory fee only if you generate profit at the end of each month.

Enjoy Commission-free Trades – No markup on spreads, no commissions. You have the benefits of trading directly with the broker.

Fully Regulated: All our preferred trading partners; BD Swiss, Noor Capital, and Equiti Group are fully regulated in multiple jurisdictions. This ensures easy deposits and withdrawals and the security of your funds placed with them.

A Glance at the Performance so far:

  • Past 12 Months’ annualized rolling returns = 48.68%
  • Average monthly returns on 12 Month rolling basis = 4.06%
  • Max Drawdown that was seen since inception = 12.10%

A typical distribution would be 90% between Gold and Crude Oil and 10% in Cryptos

Tell me more about this...

Depending upon the capital available, you will receive trading advisories for all the asset classes – Gold, Crude Oil, and Cryptos. 

To ensure proper risk-diversification, at any point in time, exposure in Gold will be between 45-60%, in Crude Oil the exposure will be between 30-45%. In Cryptos, the exposure will be between 10-18%. This will ensure that the trading portfolio remains risk-balanced and risk-diversified to the maximum extent.

With this trading portfolio diversification, you will not use more than 60-65% of available capital. This will ensure that 30-35% of the capital stays in cash to help with margin requirements.

No Advisory Fees unless you make profits. We just take a portion of your profits as a performance-linked fee. If you do not make profits, you do not pay anything.

If you need help with the execution of trades, talk to us. We will help you with that.

Advisories are structured, managed, and monitored by Milan Vaishnav, CMT, MSTA. Feel free to schedule a meeting anytime if you need to discuss your account or if you have anything else to discuss.

Now that you have found this interesting, let us tell you what capital you need to get started. NO. you DO NOT need a million!. We suggest an ideal initial capital can be USD 50,000. However, you can start with a minimum feasible amount of USD 30,000 in your account.

ACT NOW – open a trading account with either Equiti Group or  Amana Capital,  our preferred trading and execution partners. If you already have an account with any one of them, just reach out to us.

The strength in our advisories across asset classes comes from a unique approach that we have developed for it. While deploying in-depth concepts of technical analysis to continuously follow the trend in Gold, Oil, and Cryptocurrencies, we use lagging indicators to make an entry. The use of lagging indicators lends more weight and confirmation; and when it comes to making exits, we make dynamic use of either leading OR lagging indicators. Exits through leading indicators preserve the bulk of the profits in the trade while exits through lagging indicators protect against major drawdowns when there is a lack of trend or momentum.

Just submit your details for a 15-DAY FREE TRIAL and we will get back to discuss this further.

The service delivery will through WhatApp broadcast message.

The subscription process is simple. You will just click on the button below the plan you subscribe. That will take you to the payment gateway page. Just proceed to check out. 

The service shall be activated within six working hours or next business day morning whichever is earlier.

We offer one of the longest service coverage to suit Clients in the most time zones. We have 20-hour service coverage with the following as timings.

04:30 Hrs UAE to 00:00 Hrs UAE

20:30 HRS EST to 16:00 HRS EST

06:00 HRS IST to 01:30 IST

Yes, of course you can. Just complete the subscription process of each of the service that you need.

You will need to do a subscription process for each service/plan separately as subscription services cannot be completed in single transaction.

Risk reward ratio is obviously positive. The minimum risk-reward ratio would be a minimum of 1:1.50 and higher.

Sure. For Crude Oil, you will receive as under:

Enter LONG (Buy) WTI (USOIL) triggered at 73.54 at hh:mm HRS IST TGT 76 SL 72 – DDMMM

Book Profit Alert: Profit Alert in WTI (USOIL) triggered at 72.83 at hh:mm HRS IST.Call Initiated at 72.75 – DDMMM

Enter SHORT (Sell) WTI (USOIL) triggered at 73.05 at hh:mmHRS IST TGT 70 SL 74.50 DDMMM

This is in fact a inbuilt safety mechanism for the trade.

We follow  a “trend following” system. What the system does is that it captures a trend and would travel with it. The moment it sees some weakness, it would simply stop and reverse the direction.

This  trend following method has one feature. If there is no trend, then it will behave in an indecisive manner because, inherently, it will adopt a “defensive” approach. It will keep making entries on either side and with the slightest loss of strength, it will move out. 

This is the reason behind frequent entries and exit when the instrument is either consolidating of if there is an absence of trend.

Yes, this definitely acts as a safety mechanism for the trade. In the event of slightest discomfort given the loss of momentum OR a sudden change in the direction of a momentum, it will either stop out or it will stop and take the reverse position.

No these services are not refundable. However, you have an option to stop them and avail them at a later date, just if you wish to do so.

Not as of now. You will need to renew the services when they expire. However, we will remind you 2 days prior to the expiry of the service.

Your association is valuable to us. You can reach out to us citing your concern at  

Alternatively, you can also send us a message through the website. In either case, you will be attended at the very earliest.

It is simple. Just drop us a line at  or contact us through this site and you will be attended at the earliest.

You are welcome anytime. Just drop an email to OR drop us an message through this website for setting up a convenient time to connect.

First of all, we try our level best that such situations do not arise. However, if they at all occur, just drop us a line on or send us an message through the website and we will have things sorted out.

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