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Premium Portfolio Advisory through focused Technical Research and risk-managed Investment Opportunities that are just right for you!

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Yes. You read it right. This is a personalized service. Targeted primarily towards HNIs, this service aims at providing highly customized and personalized research on your portfolio.

The service starts after the interaction with the client, knowing his portfolio metrics, Investment objectives, and preferences. As per the mandate and the preferences, the portfolio is advised with superior quality, risk-managed Technical Research that is just right and suitable to the Client. From the beginning, through a thoroughly inclusive approach, the Client will have the flexibility to mandate and decide the exposure in each of the equity markets and the asset class.

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This is nothing but an advisory service aimed at helping your portfolio generate alpha and superior returns against a benchmark.

This is purely customized in nature. Once you sign up, we will hold a discussion with you that would help us know your risk profile and the Investment preferences. Since we cover US, UK, and Indian equities, along with international commodities, the you will have an option to decide your preferred markets. Once the your preference and risk profile is known, you will receive investment advisory that would be just right for you; something that would just suit your risk profile and Investment objectives.

The advisory that you will receive will be a result of a detailed sectoral planning allowing you to benefit from favorable sectoral rotation thereby rightly balancing the portfolio. Periodically, you will also receive detailed reports on the advisory issued along with reports on the realized and unrealized gains.

The onboarding process is simple. Just get in touch with us. You can reach out to us directly using the form given on this page above. Just drop us a line and we will schedule a meeting at your preferred and convenient time and take things forward. Alternatively, you can also reach out to us using the  contact details from the “Contact Us” page.

We have a highly flexible fee structure which is more tilted towards the performance so that it remains fair with you.

There are two standard fee structures. It will contain a basic advisory fee to begin with linked with the portfolio under advisory. The major fee component will be a “performance-linked” above a specified Hurdle Rate. We suggest getting touch with us so that we can explain you with an illustration.

Absolutely yes. 

We cover multiple markets and multiple asset classes. We cover US, UK and Indian equities and ETFs. We cover international commodities like Gold and Crude. We also cover cryptos.

So, the you have all the option to decide, select and mandate us on the advisory that you would like to receive for your portfolio investments.

We will help you create an Ideal Model Portfolio through proper planning of sectoral exposure ensuring risk-managed exposure and diversification of the portfolio. We will help you plan just the right level of exposure in other asset classes (if that is a part of your mandate and investment preference) to help you balance and hedge your portfolio.

Yes, Sure. Our research process is basically a “Top Down Approach”. Top down approach ensures that you are able to catch larger and longer trends avoiding short-term temporary noise and momentum. This methods ensures that the investment ideas have a longer shelf life as well.

Use of Relative Rotation Graphs (RRGs) help stay invested in the “right-sector-at-right-time”.

Absolutely not. You are not parting with any money. We are just providing you advisory services. The money and the assets remain in your account and in your custody and we do not have any access to is.

Definitely. As we said, this is customized and personalized just to suit your risk-profile and investment objectives.

You will receive advisory in only from the markets and asset classes chosen and mandated by you.

If you already have exposure in the markets and a portfolio that exists, there is absolutely no problem at all.

You have an option to either begin afresh or by reshuffling your existing portfolio. We will help you do that.

Regulations prohibit us from promising or indicating any returns. However, to ensure that you generate a decent and respectable returns on your portfolio, we levy our main performance-linked fee component only after a certain Hurdle Rate is passed.

Your association is valuable to us. You can reach out to us citing your concern at  

Alternatively, you can also send us a message through the website. In either case, you will be attended at the very earliest.

You are welcome anytime. Just drop an email to OR drop us an message through this website for setting up a convenient time to connect.

First of all, we try our level best that such situations do not arise. However, if they at all occur, just drop us a line on or send us an message through the website and we will have things sorted out.

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